Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Fishing and Seafood

It’s been a while since I haven’t done anything about blogging for these past few months. Honestly, I missed blogging so much. Though, I always procrastinate when I had a time, maybe because I have still too much on my plate. There are a lot of things going on and it is just that being a mother is a never ending job. I have to attend a lot of things on my kids needs especially on my son’s medical needs. Making appointments, requesting medical information and all that stuff. It’s just too much but I managed it responsibly. Everything went well actually and I know I can do it. I still have my sanity with me.

Anyway, it’s been a while and now I’m excited to share to you this website I found online. It is something that is good to check out when you think about going on a family trip or maybe fishing, camping or just a great adventure with your family and friends. If time permits, next year, if our plan to move to Florida will happen, I would love to get myself a fishing rod and catch a fresh fish for dinner! I know it is the first thing I would do, aside from going to the beach every day and just enjoy warm weather! I have some ideas about fishing already since my father in law shared to me some of the hints on how to catch fish in the sunshine state. Also, I check out this tenkara fishing rod comparison chart which I’m convinced is very precise information to look for. This could be helpful for us, especially us as first time fishermen.

Now, I’m so excited to go fishing someday, and eat some fresh fishes and seafood! I miss those times when I has those back in my home country, Philippines. We used to get those fish fresh and it is quite different. I miss eating fresh sea food and hopefully soon I will indulge myself with those scrummicous meals!


Plant a Seed Together and Nurture it to Maturity

This blog has been idle for a very long time therefore I apologized. I miss everything single day that I haven’t written anything down here too. It’s all because of my schooling, it is my priority and it’s been eating all my time. However, I’m back for a while now because I didn’t registered for these semester and also next semester, and so on, so now I’m all free and back to blogging again.

Nothing new to me so far, everything is still about the same. Well, I lose weight, and still doing good.  Aside from going back to school. Everything is still about the same. My husband and I were doing good as well as our two beautiful kids. Although, my husband has once again been gone due to his job, but I managed to tag along somehow. He will be gone for a longer period of time and I think I can handle the separation. It was like were back at one again. The first time we met. I think that’s our destiny now.

photo not mine
Long distance relationship really takes hard work. It is something that we have learned over the years. Due to my husband work, having a long distance relationship with him is already part of us since from the beginning. Yet, no matter what, we always back to each others arms. Over the years, we have learned to plan a seed together and nurture it together as well to maturity. There are a lot of long distance relationships that when it is still growing, none of the couple even nourish it to grow, shower it with love and patience, persevere it to overcome whatever is in the way.

Well, I don’t deny it. We have obstacles and shortcomings too in our relationship. Needless to say, we’re only human. But we have learn how to accept that fact that this is our relationship, and this is what the life has to bring for us. So, all we need is to learn how to nurture it, make out love grow, flourish our trust with each other by means of communication. We communicate everything and it truly makes us to be matured and open. My husband and I communicates every day, if we had a chance. This is something that tells us that everything will be okay. And this is another way as well, that we love each other no matter how far we are from each other.


Monday, October 20, 2014

What's On Your Christmas Wish List?

Christmas is coming up! And I’m sure a lot of you are already making up your Christmas wish list. And if an instrument is one of your wishes these Christmas season, then you might want to check out www.musiciansfriend.com where you can find wide selection of music instruments and accessories at very reasonable prices. Sometimes, to find the best prices when it comes to music instruments and accessories is by shopping online where comparing prices is unbeatable!

So, when you look for a new drum set, a new guitar, a piano, a violin, and more, then look for them online. A lot of people were so worried when shopping online. Some of them thought that it would not be safe to give out their credit cards, it will be a long while, a hassle of returns and exchange, but these can be harmless if you shop to a reliable and safe website.

So, if you are looking for an instrument or maybe a new accessories for your instrument this Christmas? Then, shop online and you still have time for Christmas for sure! Have fun!


Write Unexpected Love Letters

When things get tough and sometimes hectic schedules is on the way with your partner or spouse to spend time together or have some sweet moments, why not write unexpected love letters to each other. It's because there is no special occasion, you can't write any more love letters? I did this before though when my husband and I were still in our long distance love affair. But then when I came here in US with him, it stopped. Though, we were still have little notes here and there, but it’s not as “love letters”. But as I said before, why stopped there?

So, I thought to myself, I should write love letters to my husband to make the sparkle to be on rise still. Though, there are times when marriage life is on its ups and downs but we were able to manage it. I also learned to take it slow. Unlike before, I think I’m getting used to him. (Laugh)

Anyway, sometimes to let our partner or spouse know how we feel, how we appreciate all the things they do. And all the things that we never did before. By simply write her a love letter to your spouse can make a difference. A handwritten love letter also means a lot. So, take your time and draw something really nice too, a flower to your wife, a heart for your husband, something like that. If you can’t draw, trace it from a magazine photo.

There are a lot of ways on how to show your love and affection to your partner or spouse. For your spouse, you can have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her at an unexpected time, along with a love letter. Or for husband, wife can send a love letter through his email.

Sending love letters, sometimes a way where you can able to express your love and thoughts. Your feelings that you can’t take out when speaking to her or him. It is also a modest way to strengthen your marriage a little every day. Even if you only have a minute or two, take some time out of your day and show a little love. Your spouse will probably be surprised at first, but making the first move can change the entire tone of your household. Pretty soon, these little gestures of love will become habits for both you and your spouse.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Inclusive portable PA system

Looking for a portable PA system? If so, then you might want to check out these fender pa system I found online. When it comes to portable PA system, there are some things you might want to consider, its portability, the sound, and most importantly the price which I’m sure some of you might be interested with. Portability is another thing because if you are to travel to events such as wedding, concerts, church worship events, meetings, seminars and presentations; and gigs at parties, small clubs, coffeehouses, birthday celebration and such, you need to have an all-inclusive system which take your gear conveniently.

Another important thing is the quality of the sound, you perform so professionally, yet the sound system you have might not be as good as you, it will ruin everything. So, thinking about higher score on quality of the sound of your PA system can make your event more fun and success. Lastly, the price. Who wants an expensive PA system and yet it doesn’t work right? But of course, there a lot of PA system you can find online and one thing you have to consider is, shop wisely, compare prices and of course read reviews from the experts.


Live Each Day as if It's Your Last

Some couple spend time with each other as often as they can because according to them life is too short to let it loose and ignore everything. I would say, I agree about this because when my husband and I got married almost ten years ago, I didn’t realized that life is indeed short. I never even expected that we’ve been married that long. It seemed like yesterday. Therefore, living each day of our marriage life together as if it’s our last is very important. Though, sometimes life has other things as well that need to be taken good care of, but sometimes, marriage needs to be prioritize.

What is living a life as if it’s your last? It simply mean enjoy life to the fullest. This is something to remember that life can be cut short, who knows. Only God knows. However, enjoying life can be of everything, even the simplest moment of moments. It doesn’t mean a great party, a celebration with drinks and party, but it something like a soft squeeze on the arm when we're worried, a hug, a cuddle at night time. I think giving a quality attention towards your spouse is a great thing. Something that needs to be valued upon.

Anyway, my husband and I always have time for each other, despite our busy schedules. We both went to school right now and it is hard. And he also works during the day and school at night. Though, he’s just at home doing his online schooling but still it is different. It looks he’s there but he’s not. However, we were able to spend time with each other. We have to drop everything. Even 30 minutes of being together already make a difference.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Found Health Coverage Online

Last week, my class talks about the importance of budget and how important it is to prepare for it. I thought in my own personal experience, budgeting is very hard. But, I think it takes a while for you to get used to it and rather try hard to save money as much as possible. Budgeting requires long term plans, it means saving and spending money wisely. A lot of people even put some of their money on the side for savings, just in case of emergency. An emergency may be calculated to meet either any circumstances such as medical problem.

However, it is very difficult to save money for health needs, therefore, getting a health insurance is very important to meet all your needs, in case of medical aspects. If we have extra money, I would definitely get us a better health insurance, we’re not getting any younger anymore, and sometimes getting older can be alarming. Good thing, I have found health coverage online which I would say is very convenient for me, especially when I have no time to look for one myself. So, if you are looking for a health insurance for you and for your whole family, then check this website too and learn more.


Fall Season Wedding

Last two weeks ago, hubby and I were so busy with our schooling and work. However, it didn’t stopped us from going to a cousin’s wedding. It was the best time for us since we don’t have kids with us and all we need is just a time alone. We hired a babysitter to watch the kids for us, then, we stayed until 12 am that day.

The wedding was amazing, they have a unique motif and theme. It was very refreshing and has a real fall season effect in it. I love their wedding cake as well. And the whole event was memorable. It was special day. I’m glad we were able to come and enjoyed it with family. The weather wasn’t bad at all. It is just when the night came, it’s getting colder. But it wasn’t that bad at all. It was just a usual fall season weather, I assumed.

After the long night, we headed home and went straight to bed. Because the next morning we will be bombarded again with school homework! Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took from the wedding!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Best Wedding Yet?

June is here, I'm sure all of you know it!! And one of the best things that happened during the month of June is wedding--marrying someone you love is always the best thing ever! And, we all know that June is still the popular month to marry, followed by August, May, September and July. Well, my wedding month isn't part of it though (December) I'm sad but, oh well, whatever it is the month of your wedding will be, one thing is for sure, make the wedding of yours to be the most cherish and unforgettable event of your life!

As part of the custom wedding tradition that a newlywed will dance for the first time as husband and wife in the middle of their guests, with a special touch of sweet love songs. Then, the social dancing beyond its limit will take place and to make it the difference out of it, hiring the best and professional a charleston sc wedding dj can make it all come true and yet surprising and one of a kind of wedding party!

Just watch this video to know what I was meant!


Save Money with Com Coupons!

When it comes to shopping for my favorite brand of products, I always make sure I saved money as well, especially when buying clothes for my dear husband. Some of you may noticed that sometimes men's accessories were too seldom to go on for deals and sales, therefore, whenever I had a chance to, I always look for coupons prior to shopping at the store, or to go online to shop for my husband's clothing and accessories. And it always makes me feel better too since I also noticed that most men's stuff aren't that cheap compare to women's, so I always make sure to find coupons prior to shopping.

There are a lot of coupon codes or discount promo codes you can find online since we can't deny the fact that there are a lot of websites who provides coupons for savings. But, lately, I found this one site where you can find many coupon codes at one click, right at the comfort of your own home, from 6pm.com, Amazon, Coach.com, Crazy8, Macys, Disney store and more! A site where you can find wide selection of coupons at everything you need.

So, if you were like me who loves to find sweet deals and discounts when it comes to shopping for your favorite clothing stores and maybe some shoes for yourself while saving money, then it's time to check out Comcoupon.co
m-- a site where you can find coupon codes and sweet savings for your next shopping experience!

Therefore, I wanted to share it to my readers as well especially to those who had been shopping online because we all know sometimes we need to save money yet also enjoy what life has to offer, like buying our favorite shoes, clothes, jewelry, or even some home decors and so much more! So, next time you shop? Look for coupons first to save more money!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eyeglasses for less than $20! Oh My!

Before I got married almost nine years ago, I already knew that my eye vision was bad. Luckily, my boyfriend now my husband at that time were so supportive that I was able to get a eyeglasses prescription. He eventually paid for it and it was not that cheap at all. No wonder why, I couldn't able to get one when I was in college. Yet, I was fortunate, but when I had my prescription sunglasses on, I was uncomfortable wearing it. My mom used to say it takes a while to get used to it, but it makes me feel uneasy.

So, I wore them once in a while which is not good at all for my eyes because once you tried them on, you have to wear them consistently to avoid worst eye vision in the future. But when I arrived here in US, eight years ago, I finally were able to get a contact lens. My husband knew it was expensive to get a vision eyeglasses, but he totally supports me on everything I wanted. And that to wear a contact lens is way much comfortable and easy for me and yes it costs the same as prescription eyeglasses. However, sometimes, wearing them takes a lot of work. And there are some no-no's too when things like emergencies occurs.

Now, I really wanted to get a prescription sunglasses, but we all know it is too expensive. Yet, I think I was born so lucky because now I found these eyeglasses for less than $20! (What!?) Yes! Less than $20! Who needs a $500 worth of prescription eyeglasses, where you can get them for less than only $20! Plus, I really wanted to get one just for emergency. Or if I need to just read something and no time to put my contact lens on. Also, the best way to take my eyes some time off from wearing contact lenses, too!

Well, I need to shop some new prescription eyeglasses now for me! So long for now!



Let's all face it, not everyone in your family is going to love your spouse immediately. Most of them will accept your choice, but one or two may not be much more than civil, considering her or him "beneath you" for one reason or another. Sometimes, it is hard when things like this happened. It is not that they might be against that you soon to be married and settle down, but I think they also think about your future with him or her.

Avoiding these critical family members because of fear or anger serves nothing. Therefore, the person I knew who experienced the same problem, never even stop going on a family event, if there's one and invited, rather she kept on smiling, even she was seething inside. I'm glad my mom was able to overcome through it all. And I think my dad sees the fact of how strong my mom was and that he loved her unconditionally.


Though their marriage were not perfect, but they still choose to live together despite my dad's family's disapproval. It could be against the Chinese culture that my mom who were a pure Filipina to be a part of their family, but one thing is for sure, we witnessed what my mom and dad's relationship are and how good they were for each other. We all know we cannot demand acceptance from anyone, we have to earn it, one day at a time. And I think that's what happen. I'm glad some of my dad's family were getting along with my mom now.


A New Year's Eve Wedding

About two years ago, one of my husband's cousin had their wedding on the night of 31st of December. The first wedding we have ever been that was also the time for New Year's. It was fun though. We had a good time, especially when we were able to be without our kids for a while. But of course, we missed them too. But nothing compares the idea of having fun and just enjoyed life before we have kids.

Anyway, at the wedding, we had fun. After the ceremony, we went to the reception for dinner. Their motif is cute. It's the New Year's theme, by the way. They have everything set up and also they have champagne and glasses on the table as well to complete both event. Of course, there's dancing, they have all the mirror balls you can find like those exceptional mirror balls at guitar center, if you had seen one at that store, then you know what I was talking about. Mirror balls sometimes makes it impossible to dance and enjoy the live disco, without really being in a real disco club. You know, like you can still keep what's going on inside that building, instead of being out on a display. Well, I really didn't get drunk that that night.

So, I was still be able to drive us home. My husband does have some buzzing on his head, but he's all good and lucky that I don't drink at all. It was a good time for us. Also, a very unforgettable event absolutely for all of us, and moreover, for the newlywed as well.

Work as a Team

For years of being married, well, I would say nine years, I am grateful that my husband still makes me feel good and pretty, despite the fact that I gained some weight after having kids and for being so mean sometimes. I think he was able to eventually accept me of who and what I am since we said "I do". Sometimes, I couldn't take the fact that I felt so ugly about myself. Maybe because of my body, my belly area isn't what I used to have before having kids. And I felt so unattractive. Sometimes, I couldn't deny it that there is fear inside me that someday he will be tired of me, that someday his reactions, whenever I said about myself will changed.

I know that no one is perfect, sometimes, it is normal to experience fear in our relationships. But, I guess what important thing is, we were able to still accept each other and making a decision without a fear of anything of what our partner will say. I think if we trust and learn to work as a team, I think we will become more attuned to our partners or spouse, then we will not be bother of things that bugs us. I think if there is patience and understanding, I think everything will be great. But I know it will take time. But I know I will get there soon.


Reconnect with your Spouse

A lot of couples despite their differences chooses to still enjoy the things they love to do. For instance, a couple who enjoyed painting together by simply showing their love of arts and photography. Some couples also find it enjoyable to sing songs together, by creating a music, share thoughts on lyric, add rhythm to it by using a metal muff or a music equalizer, or anything that will make their music more exciting and fun. Most couples also enjoyed making and cooking delicious food by creating and experimenting delicious meals.

These are some of the ideal things that most couples love to do together which somewhat makes them grow together despite their differences. Also the best way to reconnect and spend time together. Simple things like this, will definitely makes a huge turns to your relationships. Both of my husband love to watch movies, on a genre of either horror or thriller-suspense movies. The only way for us right now to be able to be together once again despite hectic schedules and put our relationship liveliness once again.


Appreciate and Celebrate Your Differences

Have you ever came to the point of being irritated to your spouse or partner because of what they do? Well, I have some few to share. It's not really a big deal for me. But sometimes, when it happened. I got to the point of being too mad or just simply irritated. For instance, when my husband moved a lot in bed, when we were sleeping. It woke me up sometimes. And it is indeed makes me feel irritated. I also hated it when I can't say something to my kids, and if I did, he would say something, against it, in front of our kids. Well, ok, I think that's the big deal but of course, I always wanted to work on it. It is just that it's really makes me mad. So, one time, I confronted him. Now, he seemed not doing it anymore.

Well, I understood the fact that marital relationships blossom when a husband and wife not only tolerate, but actually celebrate the differences between each other. Marriage is not always a fairy tale as what we have heard from a movie or soap operas. I think this is what makes our marriage to work and get stronger every now and then. Because then we were able to appreciate--and celebrate --our differences. Also, enabled us to secure our relationship, without conflict, of what my husband wants or needs or what I need and want.

Then, he would realized I need some support when it comes to dealing with our kids. I always showed to him that whenever he do, I supported him because I accept the fact that it will create a relationship imbued with genuine acceptance that lead to feelings of being understood, appreciated, and loved by my spouse. A selfless attitude brings with it not only peace and harmony, but also creates feelings of being loved and cared for by my husband. I know my husband is unique and we have differences, I will try to adapt it as much as I could to learn humility, patience, and how to love unconditionally. Hopefully, it will all valued, necessary ingredients for a healthy and happy life for us ahead.


A Dream Cruise

After having kids, my husband and I only have few days that we were just able to be together, I mean a time alone together. I think I can count the times where we can just able to spend time together, without our kids. The only time we can do so, when kids were in bed and then we can able to just watch movies together or go spend time to have some light conversation. But, then when it's time for us to have "our time" that's where it's time for bed for us as well. Having kids isn't that much of a big deal, but they consumed a lot of time. If we compare it before, it literally makes a huge difference.

One time, I missed those times that we were just "us". We can do whatever we want to do. Hopefully, when kids are old enough, we can able to go on an Avalon cruise someday. I heard good thing about it. But, of course, what I want now, is that I could able to just enjoy the time of being with my husband. We definitely need this after all of these hectic schedules we have in our plate. Hopefully someday we can able to go on a cruise or maybe a romantic getaway soon!


Trust God's Faithfulness

It's been a while when my husband and I talked about moving out of state. I think he was seemed just wanted to get out of where we are right now, but maybe he also wanted to move into a warmer state. He was seemed positive about it. Though, I was skeptical, all we need right now is a sign from God that everything would be possible. I think we just need to trust God in everything that we need to do. We just have to wait and hear what would be in store for us. I know if we were faithful to Him and just listen what's in our heart, then I think that would be the time where we can able to just trust on His guidance.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and time management to think about moving out of state. It is not the same with just moving out locally, but it needs a lot of work and also going into a new state, will definitely make us to start all over again. Now, all we need is to have confident on wherever life would take us. That God will continue to protect us and bless us in everything that we do, as long as we continue to help us to accomplish what we hope for in the next 365 days.


Serve Breakfast in Bed

During our first year together as a couple, my husband and I enjoyed the time of being together. Therefore, on the weekends, when hubby doesn't have work, we used to just snuggle in the bed before the starts of the day. Usually, I intend to sleep longer than he was. Maybe, he was used to waking up early in the morning.

So, on the weekends, we still wakes up early and couldn't go back to bed. So, he usually made me breakfast in bed which I think the sweetest thing he always did for me every morning and if I had a chance, I always do the same thing for him. But most of the time, he used to do it. However, despite the busy schedules and after having kids, we no longer do breakfast in bed. But we still eat together right at our kitchen table.

But hopefully someday, we still be able to do so. I missed it and I think it's very sweet gesture. If we have time, I would definitely still love to eat breakfast in bed. So, if you have plans to do the same thing this coming valentine's day or every day, well, here are some ideas that I could share for you on how to make breakfast and put it on a tray or table so that the person can put it on their lap.

Well, first thing, you prepare what you have to cook, something your partner will like. And, after everything is all set up, add something to it for a nice touch. A flower will do magic. Or maybe a sweet note written using a napkin. You can also turn on the TV for a sweet music or maybe just take time to talk to your partner. It is the best time for having a one on one talk.

Serving a breakfast in bed is also the best way to show you love your partner or your spouse. A romantic, relaxing experience for your love.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Serenade: A Traditional Way of Courtship

In the island of Philippines you can find various cultures and beliefs, yet one of which of how to win a woman's heart by serenading her with love songs, we simply call it "Harana", a Tagalog term for serenade. It's a traditional Filipino serenade. The man is accompanied by his friends who back him up both vocally and psychologically. At first, the woman's window is closed. The man calls out to her and if she's interested, she'll open her window. It's one of the traditional way for men to court the woman they choose to court for marriage.

It reminds me when my grandparents love story, of how my dear grandfather serenade my grandmother of the song he actually composed. Thinking about it seem very despicable but during those times, it is a respectful way for men to do to show their genuine intention and courtship. I think some of the men in the areas, especially in remote provinces, still practice the culture when it comes to courting women. No doubt, that there are a lot of guitars alike available in the area as well, in order to collaborate the men with their purpose of affection and attention towards the women they to pursuit.