Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Date

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! I’m sure a lot of you were so excited with this day! Anyway, hubby and I were planning to go out but we were not sure if we could do it that day because of kids. But, he emailed me from work and told me that we should go out and have some fun. So I called my son’s behavioral therapist to cancel his appointment for last night and called a babysitter to watch our kids for four hours.

Good thing we find a babysitter and we indeed had fun. It was the one of the best time of our lives without dragging kids along with us. My husband went to Starbucks to get some snacks and then went to watch a movie. We watched the movie, “Mama”. It’s a horror movie which shows the love of a mother. It was very scary movie but it is somewhat my husband and I love to watch.

Then, after watching a movie we went home. It was fun. My husband also sent me a valentine’s card through my email. It was so sweet of him to do that.

 Anyway, how’s your Valentine’s Day? I hope you all have a good time and just a simple way to show your loved ones an extra love and care on this day. Also, a better way to make any relationship stronger.

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